About Us

How We Got Started

We started as a group of auto enthusiasts who liked to get together one night a week to work on various projects. We have worked on all kinds of cars, from hot rods and muscle cars to a team of Porsche race cars.

One of our members proposed in 2018 that we should look at turning our talents to helping others. Another knew of a coworker who had recently purchased a new vehicle and was wondering what to do with his old Toyota Echo. We asked if he would like to donate it to our group, and that is how Rolling Start began their mission to fix up donated cars to provide reliable transportation for those in need. In 2019 Rolling Start NC was incorporated in NC and received registered charity exemption 501 (c)(3) status from the IRS.


We know what we know, which is cars. What we didn’t know was how to get those cars into the hands of someone who needed them. That is why we teamed up with a consortium of local charities. We work on finding and repairing vehicles, and they are responsible for finding worthy or needy individuals to whom we donate the vehicle.

As much as we enjoy providing this service to the community, we can always use the help of others in the community. Maybe you have an old car that you don’t drive anymore but never got around to selling, or have some old tools or supplies cluttering up your garage. And we are always willing to take donations of money.


Request assistance

First a few facts:

  • We are a small group and our resources are limited so the number of vehicles available over a year’s time is small.
  • The need for personal transportation by people of limited financial means in this area is huge, more than we expected.
  • Unfortunately, we will never come close to filling this need but we hope to help.
  • The group refurbishing the vehicles has turned over the task of selecting the recipients of vehicles to a second group of volunteers with experience and contacts in the area of social services.
  • This second group has set up some basic criteria for potential recipients. This includes the ability to pay the cost of title transfer, inspection, and registration, (about $150 total); Proof of state required minimum vehicle insurance or ability to obtain this before a vehicle is transferred; and a valid N.C. drivers license.
  • Vehicles are meant for financially challenged individuals or families who would benefit the most in trying to improve their situation by having personal transportation.
  • We are sorry we can`t help everyone and hope that all understand. The waiting period from application to approval to receiving a vehicle may be several months.

If after reading this, you desire to proceed, please email us to request an application.


Required Documents

As a non-profit there are certain forms that we need to make public.

2019 – Click to download a copy of our Form 990-PF 

2020 – Click to download a copy of our Form 990-PF 

2021 – Click to download a copy of our Form 990-EZ